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L'Ardoise is located at 3 Pl Clemenceau, 49320 Brissac-Quincé.

  AT  200m from the Château de BRISSAC  and close to the Tourist Office,

you're Ost welcome.

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Nos horaires
Lundi :     Fermé

Mardi :      11h 19h
Mercredi :  11h 19h

   Jeudi :    9h 19h
Vendredi :  9h 22h

   Samedi :  9h 19h
Dimanche : Fermé

do not hesitate to contact us

Thank you for what you sent !


Born in 1983 in  Rouen in Normandy, I left in 2001  my suburbs for the mountains, then I come back, then I leave...  Various experiences  in restoration in Megève, in Cabourg, in Deauville, then I stop a moment of my life in L'Alpe d'Huez, during 5 years where  I become a resident. But I was still missing something, to work  at the end of the world and learn English.


So I'm leaving, 1 year. New Zealand will welcome me for 11 months, we will spend a few days in Manila in the Philippines and  in Singapore, 1 week in Thailand, and this whole trip will change my life, or will confirm what I was looking for, freedom... I made this trip with my partner, Angevine sud Loire from root, she convinced to settle there,  making me discover the riches of its terroir through the vineyard, the gastronomy and this majestic, the Loire.


On our return in 2012, I flashed at this current location of 3 Pl. Clemenceau, on a shop that sells coffee and tea. For three years, I would save, I would train in management, would redo the file several times to convince the banks...

Then on July 14, 2015, I would open.

Since then, the adventure continues, I have fun and share with you my desire for simplicity through a delicatessen, a wine cellar and a  restaurant.  

Pleased to welcome you.

"Sharing and Conviviality"

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